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The role of counselling in our lives

Therapy session

Life can be tough at times, for a short while or everyday.  There is now recognition that looking after our well-being and mental health is as important as looking after our physical health.  We might keep fit, eat well but at times we need to ask for support from health professionals.  Talking and connecting to people in our lives can help our mental well-being; it can help us makes sense of things and help us feel supported.  But at times we may feel we need a dedicated space and time to talk to someone where we don't worry if we are taking too much of their time or over-thinking what they think of us or wondering about the advice they might give us.  At these times seeing a counsellor/therapist can be really helpful.  Building a relationship with someone not connected to you or your life who can just listen and will not judge you and will support you as you explore what is going on for you can be a life changing process.

Counselling can sometimes be accessed for free; through your GP surgery or through a charity (see Useful Links page).  But if you would rather and can organise counselling privately this means you can see someone quickly and choose the type of counselling that works for and for how long you would like to see a counsellor.


"When you can't control what's happening, challenge yourself to control how you respond to what's happening.  That 's where your power is."

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